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DELGADO & ASOCIADOS offers you comprehensive advice on civil law, with the prevention of conflicts as the flag of our actions through the correct drafting of contracts to defend your interests.

Contracts, Civil Liability, Claims, Real Estate, ....


Divorces, Paternity, Modification of measures, ....

DELGADO & ASOCIADOS offers comprehensive advice on family matters. Establishing a comprehensive strategy that reduces litigation is vitally important. We will help you in the difficult situations that arise in family law.


Banking, mortgage, incorporation of companies, ...

DELGADO & ASOCIADOS offers comprehensive advice on commercial law. Comprehensive advice to define an action strategy is essential for problem solving. Incorporation of companies, banking and mortgage law, drafting of contracts and agreements.


Layoffs, Social Security, ....

DELGADO & ASOCIADOS offers comprehensive advice in the field of labor law and Social Security, both to companies and individuals. Our firm will not only promise that our clients have the best possible legal defense, but also that they will be informed of the status of those procedures that are in progress, in our commitment to transparency in the execution of the professional assignment.

In our opinion, continuous legal advice is of vital importance for any company, given that what has been called "preventive advocacy" usually avoids numerous costs to the employer, who is endowed with the necessary instruments to convey his interests, avoiding in numerous expensive litigation occasions.


Gender Violence, General Criminal, ....

DELGADO & ASOCIADOS offers comprehensive advice on Criminal Law. In our office you can obtain comprehensive advice on all types of criminal proceedings, such as crimes against life, murder, homicide, injuries, abortion, sexual crimes, drug trafficking crimes, traffic crimes, gender violence, crimes against freedom, labor crimes, reckless crimes, among others.

In our office we value the importance of offering correct advice and defense from the very beginning process during criminal proceedings.

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